• Eric


    Voice actor, wannabe writer (as in I really want to be a writer, so I write a lot in my free time), English teacher, beer drinker!

  • Dan Gainor

    Dan Gainor

    VP Business and Culture for Media Research Center, nondenominational Christian, Proud Zionist. Cisgendered, heteronormative, patriarchal jingoist. Views my own

  • C.A. Exline

    C.A. Exline

    Writer of speculative fiction.

  • Paul Roth

    Paul Roth

    I'm a TV enthusiast, Lindy Hopper, Swing Dance DJ, Mac guy, vegetarian, scientist, writer, humorist, dog guy, living in the DC metro area.

  • David Loeff

    David Loeff

    Born in Chicago, schooled in New York, Denver, Alamosa and Taipei, I reside in Colorado, and specialize in business/technical writing and graphic design.

  • Brett Crumley

    Brett Crumley

    PhD student (Charity Law). Graduate Teaching Assistant (Contracts and Equity). University of Liverpool.

  • Jona J. Fras

    Jona J. Fras

    Avid reader and conlanger, speaker of several languages.

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