How the legendary Studio Ghibli filmmaker explores the intersections of childhood, parenthood, and magic in his most famous films.

Chrono Trigger defined the concept of New Game+, and then its divisive sequel missed the point entirely

An early demo of Sea of Stars reveals a game bursting with innovation and beauty while staying true to its classic inspirations

How Rabbit & Bear Studio’s new Kickstarter is channeling the soul of the beloved Suikoden franchise

Screenshot via

Despite gorgeous sprites, fun battles, and great characters, this late-generation PlayStation Japanese RPG just misses classic status.

“Cultivate” by Billy Christian — via Wizards of the Coast

Following the 20 year digital journey of the world’s greatest trading card game from tabletops to eSports

How Final Fantasy VII Remake’s opening hours use nostalgia and modern gaming ideologies to redefine how we think about remakes.

Like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, the two versions of Trials of Mana show strengths and flaws in opposite ways

Chrono Trigger fan art by Julie Dillon

From dead Squall to post-war Kanto, you’ll never look at Final Fantasy VIII, Pokemon, or Chrono Trigger the same ever again.

Aidan Moher

Hugo Award-winning writer with work in Kotaku, Wired, Uncanny Magazine, and He lives on Vancouver Island with his wife and kids.

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